Three Young Orphans

When Michael Jackson helped three young orphans…

Michael Jackson was always looking for ways to do wonderful things for people. In the early 1980s, I sent him a letter telling him about a black family whose property, near the Coliseum, I had listed for sale.

The 87-year-old father, who had severe heart disease, had three younger children, aged between 16 and 19, struggling to finish their schooling. This elderly father took care of them the best he could. He gave them a study and prepared their meals. They helped with house cleaning and took care of their own laundry. (There was no mother in the house; the white mother who was addicted to drugs had committed suicide a few years earlier).
I told the story to Michael Jackson and told him that his 50-year-old nephew had taken care of the youth when their father died at Good Samaritan Hospital . They were about to lose their home because they couldn't afford the mortgage, even though I had the property listed for sale, no one was buying it. I felt compelled to help so that they could continue to attend school.
Michael called me after receiving my letter. "Well, I want to help," he said, "so give me the address and phone numbers." Michael then sent someone to visit with gifts. He spoke to his nephew, who was responsible for the youth when his uncle died.

Michael maintained payments so that the house could not be seized through the mortgage and could remain on the market until it was sold. He entered open tenders for potential buyers because the elderly man did not leave a will or trust for his children.

Michael sent someone there to keep the bidding price up. Finally, the property was sold and the children went to live with their cousin in his apartment. Michael arranged for them to get a large three-bedroom apartment, so that this kind man could look after his cousins. These three young men graduated from high school and went to college while living with their cousin.

Since they didn't even have funeral insurance, Michael also helped pay for the funeral of the father of these young men, a man he had never met. And, of course, he continued to help these three young men until they graduated from high school and went to college with special scholarships.

I hope this will provide insights into the charity, Michael's generosity that led him to help these young people. His generosity touched my heart. ''

Gloria Berlin, Realtor who helped Michael Jackson complete the purchase of Neverland Ranch in his book Michael Jackson In Search of Neverland.