Journey of Wolf Family

When Michael Jackson learned about the catastrophic flood on the Elbe in August 2002, he spontaneously decided to help. He signed various CDs & DVDs and sent them to Germany. They should be auctioned for the benefit of the flood victims. He also recorded a video message in which he gave courage to the flood victims and invited a family to his first Las Vegas. The MDR was allowed to vote and chose family Wolf from Meissen.

The Wolfs were among the worst-damaged families. In December 2002, the Wolfs then first met Michael Jackson in Berlin, he was a guest at the Bambi Awards. On June 14, 2003, it was finally time. Instead of Las Vegas, they went to Neverland Ranch in Los Olivos / California, the private estate of Michael Jackson. Arrived in Los Angeles, the Wolfs were initially housed in the "Hotel Loews". On the 15th of June we went to the Neverland Ranch.
The whole story in German: