Daniele Parisi


Daniele Parisi, a boy from Latina, Italy, was diagnosed with AIDS at the age of 8. The virus was transmitted from his biological mother. He was a big fan of MJ and in 1997 when he was 14, he had the opportunity to attend a concert of the HIStory Tour Milan on June 18. During the song Heal the World, Michael Jackson went to Daniele who was sitting in a chair unable to walk due to the weakness caused by his illness. Michael knelt before him and filled his hands with kisses. Then he picked him up and walked to center stage posing for several photos. After this experience Daniele started to walk again, sometimes even run, eat better, gain weight but most importantly of all, he gained self-confidence to keep fighting and keep going.

Unfortunately, Daniele died two years later from a brain infection due to influenza.  His adoptive mother later recalled "Our meeting at the concert in San Siro June 18, 1997, was magical and marvelous. Michael met us in his dressing room decorated in red, with a large mirror and lights around it. At that time all the negative thoughts that I had toward him disappeared, so much so that I apologized for having been swayed by rumors.

He was a special person and I regret not being able to see him again. He helped sick children because he had a difficult childhood. With Michael, I understood that you should never judge without knowing the person and that we should not forget the good things done to those who are less fortunate."

He seemed thin and frail but he possessed sweetness and infinite humility.
Michael was very attentive. He left many autographs for him and his friends in Latina. His bodyguards took Daniele up on stage where he could watch the fantastic concert, but the best moment was when Michael took him on the stage in his arms in front of 40 thousand people."


Antoinette Parisi, adoptive mother of Daniel (from Latin America) wrote this to Michael after 2005 trial. Daniel met Michael during the History tour in Milan:


"I´ll never forget what you did for my son Daniel. After meeting you the doctors called it a miracle because for some months it was like he never has AIDS. Now that justice has been served I just wanted to express my gratitude and happiness. Please, don´t ever let people get at you like that again. I know you are kind-hearted and want to help everyone but not all people deserve so much attention. My child is not here with us anymore, but I know that from up there he´s always looking over you. He´s never forgotten what you did for him. God bless you."

Michael's response to Antonietta:
"Thank you for your letter. May God always bless you and Daniele."


Source: www.mj-777.com/?p=781 and twitter.com/MarisaRblues