In Ormond Street Hospital


1988 Newspaper Transcript 
Caring star Michael Jackson wiped away the tears of some of Britain’s most tragic youngsters yesterday and replaced them with smiles of joy. He was determined to meet the patients of the Famous Great... Ormond Street Hospital during his appearances in London.

And he reserved some of the most touching words of comfort for cruelly deformed youngster waiting for plastic surgery. Michael who had had his own face dramatically altered by surgery grabs one girls hand as she told him tearfully of her fears about a face op. Michael squeezed her hand and assured her “You’ve no need to worry just look at me”.
Then he toured the rest of the ward tenderly kissing deformed babies on their feet. Michael ringed by 5 burley minders next went to the hospitals Peter Pan Ward, named after the character he hopes to play in a film. The ward is reserved for the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s sickest children but after a few minutes Michael had the youngsters aged 5 to 15 out of their beds.

He even sat some on his knee and told them stories. Michael then beamed with joy as he handed out dozens of presents albums, photos and t shirts.

Part 2 *He told staff he was inspired by the bravery of these sick children. Some of them are very ill but they still managed to put on a smile. On delighted youngster was 9yr old Neil Clark who had just undergone life saving surgery to remove a brain tumour, Neil whose case was highlighted on TV this week was not on the schedule to see the star but Michael threw aside his plans and insisted on seeing him. Neil said ‘Now Michael is now my hero, he is absolutely brilliant.” “I can’t thank Michael Jackson enough he has cheered my son up no end” Another fan a 4 yr old name only as Joanne could hardly speak after a throat op but she struggled and uttered the word “Thriller” to a delighted Jackson. But the 18 minute visit was almost too much for the 29 yr old star.

He left the hospital close to tears. One of the aides remarked “Michael was very moved.” Hospital ward sister Judith Melville said “Michael obviously loves children and they love him. He has given our patients a day they will always remember.