Flight Over Brazilia


1996 - Michael filmed and recorded ‘They Don’t Care About Us‘ in two Brazilian states: Rio and Salvador. Michael took a commercial flight between the two states while filming. The Executive Editor of Globo, Marcelo Senna, tells how it was to be side by side with Michael Jackson on a flight:

"Michael Jackson spent much of the flight playing with his companions, a boy and a girl aged six years at the time. With them, the look of his eyes was different. It was sweeter. I closely followed what few saw and heard: a fairy tale in which he portrayed a little lion lost in the forest. The children were delighted with the roars and the faces during the story. Me too. It was better than any of those mega video clips of the star on TV. This was an almost exclusive clip. For me and for the children.

The flight attendants, by the way, competed to serve him the food. Michael loved Guarana (a Brazilian soft drink) and ate everything from cheese, salami and ham, quail eggs, fried chicken, pineapple, grapes and quindim (a Brazilian dessert, it seems a little tart). As far as I can tell, I believe he ate about 12 quindim! But who had the greatest privilege was the flight commander. Michael went to the booth and sang a cappella, “Heal the World” when the plane was flying over Itaparica Island (near Salvador), and I was thinking I had already had the best times of my life before this!"