The Man

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…Michael was so different and unique as both an artist and a person, that many people couldn’t wrap their minds around him. He didn’t fit into the boxes we like people to fit into. So instead they reduced him, caricatured him, exploited him, and denied him of his complexity, depth, humanity, and artistry. 
Joe Vogel (Author of “Man in The Music”)

“Empathy is the quality that’s missing from virtually everything ever written about Michael Jackson. We glorify him or we vilify him or we pity him or we take his changing appearance and we use it as fodder for theories about race and gender—the highbrow equivalent of the objectification you’ll find in the tabloids. We do all of this, but we do not attempt to understand him. The idea of Michael Jackson as a human being remains a radical notion.”

Tanner Colby, “The Radical Notion of Michael Jackson’s Humanity”, Slate, June 24, 2014.