A Great Soul and Messenger



"The first time I heard his voice in the radio when I was driving my car. It electrified me at once: This is an angel, an angel! I hardly screamed it out. This unbelievable strong vibration - it was a very highly developed soul! … Unfortunately, most people cannot see the spiritual light of a person - but who could see Michael Jackson’s light would fall down to his knees."

Don Pedro von Hellmann, spiritual teacher & author, 2003



"He was an angel walking the planet."

Kenny Ortega



"History book will never capture the essence of your humble soul a the lives you literally saved. Video archives will never accurately depict the excitement you caused EVERY time you set foot in public or on stage. The best mankind can do is observe your genius and pay it forward as an example of how a true Angel walked amongst us."

Jodi Gomes, executive producer of Jacksons: A Family Dynasty and Michael´s friend




"My uncle was an angel walking this earth. (...) My uncle was a down to earth, very, very humble man. He never cared about money, he never cared about anybody´s attitude, he always accepted people for who they were - gay, straight, a little bit off, mentally handicapped... He didn´t care. My uncle was an angel walking this earth."

Siggy Jackson, Michael´s nephew on The Cruz Show2019 - youtu.be/0l91t3vkg-U



"Have you ever met an angel? I have. He has a mesmerizing presence, a dazzling aura and a heart of gold.

(...) Stepping into Michael’s world was like stepping though a secret doorway to Narnia or sliding down a rabbit hole to Wonderland. Whenever I was with him, I felt like I was inside a fairytale, being swept up in a cloud of magic and joy and love. I will never forget the silvery quality of his voice and the light of his presence, floating me to heaven again and again.

Everything Michael did, he did for all of us, for children, for animals, and for the future of the planet. He is a true angel. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or is wrong."

Talitha Fluttrby, a fan who met Michael on many occasions




"It is only once in a lifetime where you meet a true Angel sent from the Heavens above. I count my blessings each day for I have experienced Heaven on
Earth. The wisdom, guidance, and knowledge will always be remembered and put into action. (...)

Dr. Heat Cascio and the family, from the booklet distributed at Jackson’s Staples Center memorial service in July 2009


Touching interview with Marvin Butts, who was Michael Jackson´s bodyguard for 15 years 

- Michael was an angel:

(Audio quality is very poor, transcript is below)


“Michael had a certain kind of magic and ... I know dozens of people who listen to his songs and say "he is the magic" , and when you spent time with him you saw that statement. It may sound cliché but his spirit changed, you were happy - I spent a lot of time with him and I say… there will never be another Michael. There is no way to replace it. Impossible.
Michael was special. He was chosen by God. He was spiritually blessed.
He’s legacy is a true legacy of love and peace. So I hope that we will stay together to do what he wanted: World Peace and minimize the problem of hunger. That is my wish.”

Q. What part is the easiest one for you? What part can you talk of without breaking…?

A. (shaking his head) I don’t know… It was fun working for him… and it’s hard to realize he is gone.

Q. What made him different?

A. Michael had a certain type of magic.  I know people hear his songs and say ´he’s magic´, but Michael had a way… just if you spent any time with him you become changed for the better… He uplifted. Eye-opener. Your spirit changed more for the joy and happiness. You become like him and help change the world. Or change people……. It was just so much spirit, uplifting and fun….. and (pauses)… it’ll never be another Michael…. (shakes his head)… there is no way to replace him.

You know… I know a whole lot of people that’s connected who are hurting right now. And they think about what they are going to do… and how they feel…. But the good part of Michael is what he’s leaving behind. A legacy of love, peace, a job that he didn’t finish, so hopefully we can get together and do what he wanted. And that was world peace and solve the hunger problem.

Q. Do you think the kids and the world peace meant to him more than his music?

A. Oh without a doubt. They had one neck in neck – his music and his kids. Not his personal kids – just kids of the whole world. That’s what he lived for. That was his energy, that was his motivation.  If you listen to every single song… up to Billie Jean came, that’s when the whole music changed… There was so much about Michael… When I realized that James Brown’s ‘Camelwalk’ was Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk in reverse that was eye-opener. Like he took better and made it better. And I worked for James, and James’ energy was totally different than Michael’s.

Q. Why do you think he was able to achieve musically what he was able to achieve?

A. Michael was special. He was the Chosen one. He was the one God looked upon and pointed his finger on. That’s why Mike survived everything he did. He was spiritually blessed.

Q. The world mourns today. What did they lose?

A. I think everybody feels a piece of him has died as well, lost a piece of him because Michael crossed everybody (shaking his head). Michael is 50 years old, I am two years older than Michael, and he has touched people in the whole universe… I don’t think there is another person who can say that, not even a president. That’s just my opinion. 

Q. What makes it so painful for you? You consider yourself Michael Jackson’s friend, correct?

A. When you get to know somebody… and when you get to know somebody like Mike and it connects (shaking his head) it’s magic…..  It’s magic (sighs).

Q. Is there anything else you can say?

A. It’s a whole lot I’d like to say but I just can’t…

Q. What drives your emotion like right now? What can’t you bring to the surface because you break down if you say it?

A. Because Michael had so much to give and didn’t have the chance to live it

Q. Because Michael was so young? He wanted so much more to do?

A. Yes, and part two of Michael’s life was just to begin….. He’s gone too soon. 

Q. Was he capable of reclaiming his life at this point?

A. Oh, without a doubt.

Q. When you heard your heart broke?

A. And spirit too….You know, Michael, Farrah Fawsett, James Brown, my three sisters, my mother, my dad, just too many people died. I think that was the motivation we heard in that one song “Gone too soon”. I mean he’s definitely gone too soon.

Q. There is one thing when I do the story I might tread on this… So this is what I offer you: what do you need people to know about Michael Jackson? I mean they know his music, they know his videos, they know his art, but in Cincinnati, what do you need people to know tonight?

A. Michael was an angel (smiles)…. was an angel. Forget what you’ve heard. Michael made a song once “How can you judge me even if you don’t know me?” If you listen to the verse of that song … he’s an angel….

Original source of transcript: vindicatemj.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/time-to-remember-the-real-michael-best-tributes-to-michael-jackson/



"I felt like he was a kind of angel, ghost, spirit or something like that. It was weird man, because he did everything great, he could draw, he could paint...definitely some kind of other spirit, being inside of him."

Producer Dallas Austin



„(...) I have also come to believe that Michael was beyond gifted, I can't explain, but he had all the qualities of an Angel, and the talent allowed him to send that message to millions of people. I am crying inside at the thought of the people surrounding him were so greedy and lacked compassion to the point that they enabled him to deteriorate the way he did. (...)“

Nikki J., Oregon



"He was touched by God. He was a messenger... A one of a kind man who lived in this world."

Frank Cascio, friend



“I care for Michael but I don’t worry about him. I think sometimes that he’s got angels on his shoulders to protect him”. 

Diana Ross



(...) "Do you know the poem by William Blake - 

To see a World in a grain of sand,
And a Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And Eternity in an hour  . . .

The intense ambition of that poem, the intense desire for wonder, was alive in Michael. More alive than anything of the sort I’d ever seen.  Michael saw the infinite in an inch.  As Michael opened the page further, inch by inch, his knees and elbows bent even more and his ”ooohs,” his sounds of aesthetic orgasm, grew even more intense.  Standing elbow to elbow and shoulder to shoulder with him, you could feel him discovering things in the brush and inkstrokes that even the artist never saw. By the time he’d opened the full page his body and voice expressed an ecstasy. An aesthetic epiphany.  I’d never encountered anything like it.  Michael felt the beauty of the page with every cell of his being.

I’ve worked with Prince, Bob Marley, Peter Gabriel, Billy Joel, and Bette Midler, some of the most talented people of our generation, and not one of them had the quality of wonder that came alive in Michael. He saw the wonder in everything. His quality of wonder was beyond anything most of us humans can conceive.

Look, above all other things I’m a scientist.  Science is my religion.  It’s been my religion since I was ten years old. The first two rules of science are 1) the truth at any price including the price of your life; and 2) Look at the things right under your nose as if you’ve never seen them before and then proceed from there. And that’s not just a rule of science.  It’s a rule of art.  And it’s a rule of life.  Very few people know it. Even fewer people live it. But Michael was it, he incarnated it in every follicle of his being.  Michael was the closest I’ve ever come to a secular angel. A secular saint.

Look, I’m an atheist, but Michael was not. He believed he was given a gift by God.  He believed he was given talents and wonders and astonishments seldom granted to us very fragile human beings. Because God had given him this enormous gift, he felt he owed the experience of wonder, astonishment, awe, and Blake’s infinities to his fellow human beings.  But unlike other generous humans–Bill and Melinda Gates, for example–with Michael giving to others was not just a part-time thing.  The need to give to others was alive in every breath he took every single day.

Michael Jackson’s entire life was receiving and giving and the whole purpose of receiving was so he could give. He worked with every cell in his body to give the gift of that amazement, that astonishment to his fellow human beings. Needing the adulation of crowds WAS Michael’s connection to others, his most profound connection, far more profound than family and friends (though those are indispensable), and far more healing. That act of giving keeps an iconic person, a person who never knows normalness, alive."

Howard Bloom, an author (the whole story: thehappiestmedium.com/2010/06/one-year-later-remembering-michael-by-howard-bloom/)



"When you know Michael, you understand him and he no longer seems weird...he seems enlightened."

Karen Faye, MJ´s make artist and friend



"I believe Michael was sent here to Earth to entertain us, to bring us all together and bring awareness to healing the world, and to dazzle us with his dance moves; just to inspire everybody to be a better person. Like I said, I believe every fifty years God sends down an angel and I believe Michael was that. People all over the world loved Michael, and then of course the world tried so hard; the negative people tried so hard to tear him down."

Mengesha "Mystro" Francis, a pianist



"It's terribly sad to see Michael's world as it was. Certain people trampled all over his dreams and tried to break him. They can't touch him now. Every now and then God sends someone special down to us to try and teach the world how to love and be united. Michael was such a person.“

Becca´s comment on You Tube




"I love you. It´s obvious why I love you. I think you´re one of the finest people that has hit this planet. I am not sure where are you from. I think maybe Mars and angels came down invaded your body the way it moves.... I don´t know."

Elizabeth Taylor, 1988



"Michael was truly Gods gift to this world! He was our Divine messenger! Purity and radiance glows from his body! He is an exalted human being who used his unparalleled talents and charisma to help people across the globe. His goal was to unite the family of man. Michael never wavered in his determination to give love and happiness to others despite the years of torture and betrayal he endured."

Moonsiren777´s comment on You Tube



“I think he was an angel that was sent to us, and I think that we might have to reflect on how well we took care of him. People like to say ‘oh people around him were bad and they didn’t do right by him’ but I think it’s a collective too because I don’t know the last time and I can’t remember any other artist that attracted that much energy and projected that much power. That was that creative, and affected so many people … was such a diplomat for America and a champion for the American culture and African-American people, worldwide. You know, people wanted to move to America because of Michael Jackson, industry changed, music industry changed because of Michael Jackson, that’s a gift to us and you know, I’m concerned that the good Lord may not send another one because maybe we didn’t take good care of him. That’s just me. (...)"

“It’s a great loss for us and I just hope and pray that the creator, whatever you believe in, still holds us in favor to send us another angel like that. Because if not, we may have lost more than just a man."

“It must be something very special to send a man like that down. He influenced so many different people, so many different industries, politics, science, music, art … and then to be taken away? Maybe we didn’t take good care of him.”

Wesley Snipes on two different occasions


“He honestly believed it was his job to heal and make a difference.  From the depth of his being, his mission was transformation and transcendence.  He wanted us to go to that higher level of consciousness with him.  With a heart as enormous as his talent, Michael took to BEING the instrument of change that this world so desperately needs.”

Seth Riggs, MJ´s vocal coach


"In Mahavanain Buddhism, there is an enlightened existence known as the ‘bodhisattva’ In this position, a person decides to postpone attainment of nirvana in order to alleviate the suffering of others,” states Treacy. Treacy feels this very much describes the kind of person Michael was. Forgoing his own happiness to help to heal others, and this planet.

“I have been fortunate to have met some of these visionaries, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Bono, John Lennon and Michael Jackson,” stated Treacy.  “Only five people in nearly half a century.  Just enough to count on the fingers of one hand.  Each of them, intrinsically motivated by a sense of great compassion, generating bodhicitta for the ultimate benefit of all sentient beings.  I knew Lady Diana Spencer during the mid nineties in a medical sense and I had been in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama without having actually met him. All of these people, hugely influential, global messengers using their powers to try and make the world a better place for each of us to live in. Nelson Mandela stood against the injustice of apartheid, Mother Theresa and Bono against the injustice of poverty, John Lennon against the injustice of war, but Michael Jackson went further. His body of artistic work carried a spiritual message for these and all of the other injustices of the human race…those of racism, inequality, disease, hunger and corruption. That to me was the embodiment of Michael Jackson the friend.”

“All great spiritual leaders went through a period of self-analysis, doubt and meditation. I feel this is part of his real legacy.”

Dr. Patrick Treacy, Michael´s Irish doctor and friend

Source: www.reflectionsonthedance.com/Interview-with-Patrick-Treacy.html



Most High Saint Proclamation for Honorable Michael Jackson, King of Pop, Prince of Peace

by Rev. June Gatlin:


"The Reverent is associated and honorably aligned with any and all who love, respectfully protect all Life upon planet within universe.

The Reverent is not associated nor aligned with any group or particular persons establishing self/selves for personal aggrandizement-
We love you, Honey.

Most High Saint Proclamation for Honorable Michael Jackson, Prince of Peace, King of Pop. Dedicated to all upon planet who love, honor Life.

Honorable Michael Jackson, predestined King of Pop returned to supreme inception Thursday, June 25, 2009 A.D. He sleeps resting eternally within loving arms of God YHVH EL OLAM.

Honorable Michael Jackson is hereby ordained Saint and Prince of Peace as authorized & revealed from Mind of El Elyon and given to Oracle and anointed Spiritual Healer Reverent June Juliet Gatlin Woman of Prophetic Vision, Inspiration and Song ~

The Divine Word of Most High made known cannot be attributed nor accredited to any particular person, group or organization.

The Divine Word, uttered unplanned and without warning was, spontaneously proclaimed Saturday, April 3, 2010 A.D. in front of Honorable Michael Jackson's final resting place, giving homage to He whom Most High loves, did redeem and has received.

Honorable Michael Jackson is wondrously declared now and forever to be known as Saint Michael Prince of Peace ~

Hallelujah. Praise be due. Now let the planet earth which spins within universe without sanction or Human permission kindly say Amen."

Rev. June Gatlin, Michael Jackson's Spiritual Advisor (She is an internationally recognized spiritual advisor and healer and is considered a foremost authority in matters of the human spirit. Operating within the realm of prophecy and healing, she is a "seer" who brings our innermost feelings to verbal expression.)

Rev. June Gatlin also shares, briefly, in this video, regarding how, why Michael's Divine Aliveness, his great Love and beneficence touched myriad lives on Planet. She calls Michael the Prince Of Peace and wants Humans to know regarding "Michael's Soul":



"I truly believe that he was (and Is) someone like an archangel or a prophet of God. His presence, life and spirit of giving embodied the sense of charity needed in today's world, and also, he had an aura about him and a perspective within himself which was suggestive of a very holy presence. My feeling is, the fans at his concerts did not only pass out because of his friendly ways, musical genius and fabulous, unmatched singing and dancing; they fainted because in fact they were in indeed in the presence of someone holy, whom I believe yet has a message for the world. I do not know how or when it will come about but I do not think he has really left us at all! He is both in heaven and still at some level here on Earth."

Lisa Shetler in a comment to an article about Michael Jackson, December 2009



At his recent concert (2010) at London's O2 Arena, Carlos Santana dedicated the show to Michael Jackson, calling him "our brother the archangel Michael Jackson,"  www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG4NjdE3t2E


A twitter message from Michael Jackson´s nephew Donte to MJ´s birthday in 2011:


“I don’t think we’ll find a person as talented, a person who thought the way he thought. A person with the heart that Michael had. People aren’t that way anymore. He was special. He wasn’t God, but he was certainly godlike. He was the closest thing to a God that I knew.”

La Toya Jackson, Michael´s sister



"One thing is certain.. the whole world is in a different vibe. The fact that millions of humans in most countries around the world, different cultures, religions, skin color.. are sharing the same emotion: Love.. for this man. It's something.. not common in our world civilization. This could be the ONLY time in our species existance.. that we are unified in some way. You saved lives when you were alive, and you're saving lives after you have passed."

ZeroWing via You Tube





"I know for absolute certain that this is a man who could never have done anything that would be harmful to anyone. He was very much a child himself. He was as kind and decent and spiritual a human being as I ever had the pleasure of spending any time with. I dedicated one of my books to him. When you look at his enormous talent and the commitment that he had to ending the world hunger, for example – he personally was responsible for cutting the number of people starving to death on this planet IN HALF back in the 1980s and the 1990s with “We are the World”. And he took no money for it at all. ... This was a beautiful, beautiful human being – someone who would go down in history as one of the greatest entertainers EVER, but more than the great entertainer this was a great man... In my time with him in those five days with him back in 1991 solidified for me that this was a transcendent being who had not only enormous talent but a heart as big as the sky." 

Dr. Wayne Dyer (radio interview July 2009)



Michael Jackson´s father with a MJ/angel necklace:


"I´m convinced that Michael jackson was innocent of paedophilia. I don´t think he was capable of hurting anyone. I think there´s something really biblical about what happened. His lyrics are so naive and so beautiful. It´s one of the most epic stories of our time, to go from such heighst to such depths. He´s a modern -  day martyr. He is an angel."

"I have an image of Michael Jackson as an archangel, where I didn't even photograph him. He was a person living in biblical extremes: the most famous person on the planet, beloved in an almost devotional way, who then fell almost to the lowest depths of society; going from a dark skinned black man to a pale skinned white man... and all the while singing these songs about healing!

In the Martin Bashir interview, there's a kid with cancer without any hair. Then you see him later and he's better, and his family said that it was Michael's belief that cured him. Which, I'm Catholic, and healing the sick is one of the criteria for sainthood. Not to say that he really was a saint, but he was so otherworldly and certainly fits the requirements for martyrdom... He really brings into question all of these issues of gender and race, which are such hot button issues of society. Why can't a man hold a child's hand? Does it have to be erotic? I think that says as much about society as it does about him."

David LaChapelle, artist (his artwork inspired by Michael on the right)



"As a 6 year old girl growing up in South Louisiana, I began falling in love with Michael Jackson. The first time I saw His photo, I felt like I actually recognized Him. I remember thinking to myself, "Oh, it's Him."  As I grew, I continued to feel my connection to Michael was something important, ancient and eternal. My love for Michael grew with each passing day, each passing year, and will continue to grow forever. Over the course of my lifetime (I'm 49 now), through dreams and spiritual experiences, I've come to realize that I was right, and indeed have been connected to Michael for eons....."for all time."  When Michael's body left the planet, on June 25th 2009, I was devastated. I felt as though the floor had dropped away. My sadness was overwhelming, until I knew that I had to write down on paper everything I have always believed to be true about Him. I had been praying to Michael, asking Him what could I do for Him. What should I do for Him. One night I was awaken by a voice that said, "You have to write a book and prove what you've alwats believed to be true about me." That's when I began researching for my book. I found a notebook and a pencil and started right away! I was sure I could prove exactly what I've always intrinsically known to be true about Him.......His true nature was divine.

With Michael's guidance, love and support, and the patience of my family, I completed my book, His book. It was actually Michael's voice that woke me on June 9th to say, "You have to write a book and prove to the world everything you have always believed to be true about me." So I turned on the light, found pen and paper, and began that very moment! Some of the sources I used were: the Bible, biblical numerology, traditional numerology, astrology, Egyptian lore (Isis, Osiris, Horus), evolution of Spirit in society (Age of the Mother, Age of the Father, New Age of the Child), writings on Archangel Michael, Gods of androgyny, Michael's own words and good deeds, and much more. I outline and prove he was/is a divine creature. I highlight so many signs, clues, symbols and messages associated with Michael's life, birth order & connections. Some people may say these things are only amazing coincidences. I say, "Poppy cock!" I could accept 1 or maybe 2 amazing "coincidences," and say, "How cool!" but not as many as are found surrounding Michael. There are far too many to simply be coincidences! He was most definately God's messenger for our new age, sent here to love, inspire and remind us of what is important: our children, our planet, ourselves. After reading this book, and of course investigating on your own, it's impossible not to agree."

E. M. Billeaudeaux, author of the book "An Angel Among Us: We Called Him Michael Jackson"
                                                                                                   Michael Jackson´s older son via Twitter in 2018:

:Michael's departure led us all to reflect on the condition of humanity. He was a beacon of light and love. He was pure and real. His soul was sweet and his compassion knew no limits. The gifts and talents with which he was blessed were untouchable by any other artist. He had no peers. He had no bad faith, only love. It had a depth that I am still discovering. He was truly remarkable." 
Lou Ann, a fan
"Michael was a remarkable human being and remains, in my opinion, the most influential and impeccable model of all time. If one is looking for an example of how to live a life of selflessness, compassion, strength, integrity, authenticity, responsibility, generosity, perseverance, passion and brilliance, one must look at Michael Joseph Jackson. "
It is unfortunate that most people lost the genuinely beautiful person Michael was, and everything he did to impact humanity and our planet. Personally, I see Michael as a modern prophet with a message of Universal Love and he brought it to us through his music, dance, poetry and in the way he lived his life. He is a phenomenal example of what the human spirit is capable of doing”.  
Siren, writer and designer
“I always thought Michael had the heart of an Angel, and I'm sure he's rejoicing with them now." 
Dolly Parton, singer
Michael´s daughter Paris via Instagram: