13 years old Michael Jackson interview in 1970


Michael Jackson on Dinah Shore


1977 interview


1980 Sylvia Chase' interview with Michael Jackson and family:


Michael Jackson (21 years old) Interview with John Pidgeon [Audio HQ]:


Michael Jackson 1983 interview with Diane Collin (Michael was 25 years old):


Interview of young Michael Jackson at his parents' home in Encino, California. He is later joined by his sister and guest star, LaToya Jackson (1983/1984):


Michael Jackson - Ebony/Jet Interview 1987:



Michael Jackson Talks to Oprah Live Interview 1993:


Michael Jackson, Oprah, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Rowe and many other people watching MJ talking to Oprah on TV in a bedroom:


Link: The Mexico Deposition in 1993 and "Dangerous" deposition in 1994 


Primetime FULL Interview 1995:

Bill Bellamy interview:

1997 Barbara Walters full interview:


Steve Harvey Michael Jackson interview:

Michael Jackson interviewed by his close friend Brett Ratner:


Geraldo Rivera Interview with Michael Jackson 2005:

Small interview in recording studio in Ireland 2007: