Bucharest´s Orphanage

“When Michael visited the orphanage St. Ecatarina before his HIS tory concert in Bucharest, we were the only reporters who were allowed to follow him. Michael was distressed. He told me: ‘There are thousands of children in orphanages in Romania. Most of them have lost their parents, but some were rejected from their families.’ Michael sat on the floor with dozens of kids around him. He was very relaxed and smiled a lot. The children between two and four years curiously observed him at first, but when Michael started to put together some Lego bricks, they quickly joined in the game. Michael did not have any fear of contact, although some of the children had AIDS. He gently picked up a baby who had, been abandoned on the doorsteps of the institute only days earlier. A little girl called Maria started to put candy into his mouth, which was a very moving moment. These children had never known the warmth of a home, nobody wanted them. Their eyes were sad and fearful. For one day, Michael brought a bit of sunshine into their lives. During his visit, the whole orphanage was filled with a cheerful atmosphere, contrary to the usual sadness. He distributed gifts, flowers, toys and played with the children for hours. A staff member said to me: ‘I have never seen the children that happy. For them it was like Christmas!’ Michael donated a considerable sum to the director of the institute in the name of HEAL THE WORLD FOUNDATION, which he founded to help children. It was obvious that Michael did this from his heart, as there were no journalists allowed; he only made an exception for BRAVO. In the evening, Michael went sightseeing in Bucharest and did a tour of the majestic palace, where he also attended a traditional show in the great hall and gave a speech about his concern for children around the world. ‘CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE! THEY ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE HAVE. MY GREATEST WISH IS THAT POLITICIANS THOUGHT MORE BEFORE SENDING THEIR CHILDREN TO WAR’. Other superstars lie in their whirlpools, drink champagne and enjoy their life while Michael spent his time and energy on helping children. And whenever he did, you could tell that he did it from his heart!”

Alex Gernandt, editor-in-chief of Bravo, the most popular European teen magazine, based in Germany. While the mainstream media had rumored and groundless criticism of Michael, Alex has always been against it, portraying Michael Jackson positively and truthfully - truly journalistic.