Photographer Greg Gorman

For more than 40 years, Greg Gorman has taken photos of the world's most interesting people. More than 125 of them are showcased In Greg Gorman: A Distinct Vision 1970-2010, on display at the Decorative Center Houston through June 3. Recently, the Los Angeles-based photographer picked out some of his favorite images in the exhibit and talked about how they came about.

Michael Jackson, 1987

"Michael was a perfectionist beyond your wildest imagination. Every time we would shoot, he would call me and we'd have a two-hour conversation to discuss what it was we were going to do and how we were going to go about it. He had pet tarantulas; they actually shed their skin. This is the casing of the tarantula that he brought with him.

"He never traveled with a big entourage. He was very genuine and really loved photography. I dearly miss him. He was a tragic individual but an amazing human being."