Dee Pfeiffer statement


"I wholeheartedly believe that God gave Michael a mission and that was to bring joy, heal the lonely and the broken hearted and to provide for those less fortunate.  He certainly helped me through my traumatic childhood.
My parents both passed away when I was six years of age and I grew up without the love that most children in the Western world take for granted. I would spend hours alone in my room, with no friends and finding little joy in life. I believe that when I became a Christian, God placed Michael in my life to get me through each day, and he did.  But mine is not the only story like this. He did so much for so many people, often in secret and without recourse to attention or publicity.
I prayed after reading about him walking the streets at night looking for someone to talk to that I would one day become his friend, and God blessed me with many meetings which I will remember to this day.
He is the most humble, caring, sensitive, caring man you could ever imagine.  What you hear about him from much of the media is either speculation or fabrication, but what you hear from those who have met him is absolutely the truth. Most will tell you, he has an aura that radiates warmth, love and tenderness, and most never ever forget such meetings.
When meeting or even around Michael, there was certainly an aura.  It was quite incredible. And it wasn't just when meeting him, it often continued afterwards too.  I distinctly remember after a meeting with him in Tenerife, I just had this tremendous sense of love for everyone. I just wanted to love people. Michael hadn't spoken directly about this to me, but it was almost as if that aura around him had somehow rubbed off on me, if that makes sense?
When I went to the US for the Memorial, I just wept on seeing so many notes and cards outside each of places of significance. From the Hollywood Star to Neverland; from Carolwood Drive to the Staples Centre, people from all over the world had come to place their condolences.  And what an amazing impact he had on people's lives - every other note seemed to be thanking him for what he had done, how much he had inspired them to live their dreams, how much he had taught them.  And, in amongst the notes and cards in every place were crucifixes and references to God.  I was on my knees in tears.  I had always, always known that this was a man of God, but I had never fully appreciated just how many ordinary lives he had changed.
Even those fans who never met Michael often felt a deep connection with him. He had that capacity to draw you close, to mesmerize you with his love and compassion, but also with his aura, which he always acknowledged was from God Almighty Himself. 
Like Michael, I have vitiligo, although only small patches in unseen areas of the body.  I also had a traumatic childhood, and have also suffered from loneliness, persecution, and have been used and abused. I am also attracted to innocence and purity, and have that intense desire to remain a child and to never grow up or grow old.  Like Michael, I love music, animals and working to create a more positive world. The list of how much we had in common seems endless and I feel heartbroken because I have not just lost a superstar, but a friend, a soulmate, a twin soul.  When Michael passed away, a part of me died with him.  Now I often wake up crying for the part of me that is lost.
We are all so blessed to have lived in the era of Michael Jackson, to have learnt from him, to have experienced his magic, whether on screen or in person. Young, old, black, white, rich or poor - we are all blessed to have lived at a time such as this.
God gave us Michael for a purpose. He was a truly a gift from God and, like Jesus before him, he was vilified and persecuted for simply trying to make the world a better place, for being honest, innocent and naive. 
I am devastated that he's gone, truly devastated, but I am so heartened by the thought that he is now in a much better place, free from all harm at last.  Jesus said that unless we become like children, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.  How much more childlike can an adult be than the fun loving, eternally young, often mischievous Michael Jackson?  But whilst like a child, he also thought like an adult beyond his years, giving to causes and people without thinking twice and often imparting a wisdom far beyond his years.
Michael is alive in Heaven, probably singing with the angels, and he's alive here on earth, in the hearts of people like you and me and in the hearts of his beloved children.  Let us continue to pray for them and to remember how blessed we are to have had the chance to live alongside this man of God, who sacrificed a normal comfortable life in order to bring joy and happiness to others."
Dee Pfeiffer, a friend of Michael's and one of the many thousands of people Michael helped throughout his lifetime