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Interviewer: So we’ve had quite the week, Dr. Dyer, and you know that this is going to be our last show for a couple of weeks because you’re going to be on the cruise, so I want to give people a chance to talk to you and get in touch with you. What an amazing week that we’ve went through, so many ups and downs, people feeling very emotional about Michael Jackson, and you were telling me before the show that you had actually spent some time with him, and you wanted to relay your experience…..

Dr. Dyer: Yes, I wanted to speak just a little bit about Michael, just a few minutes, I heard Deepak, and Deepak and I have been talking every day for the last week or so about some health concerns that I have, he was saying on CNN that Michael was probably the most spiritual man he’d ever met. And I can attest to that as well.

He called me up one day back in 1991 after I’d written a book on “Real Magic” and asked me if I would like to come out and bring my family which is , you know, is a whole planeload. So all eight of my children went with me and my wife and we spent five days out there at Neverland with him, just talking to him. I went up the mountain out there and just the two of us talked and his question to me was, “Is there such a thing as real magic?” and “What is it?” and “How do I get it?” and “I want to know about it”. And he so was so filled with excitement about this.

What concerns me when I see particularly a lot of the messages that are coming to me on the Internet about people making accusations about this man… and that troubles me a great deal because this was the kindest, sweetest, most beautiful human being and I trusted my children with him obviously.

When he was out there in the Santa Barbara county at Neverland the prosecutor there had a real, real desire to do something, you know, to go after him. I think they have the statistics that they have 76 police cars in that county and they sent 74 of them out to his ranch to go through and look for evidence to support the accusations that had been made by a woman who had made a career out of going after celebrities and trying to make money. In the same county there are many of the priests that had been not only accused but had admitted to sexually molesting boys but they didn’t send any cars out for them.

And then all of the evidence that they acquired was presented to a jury of not of his peers but of the people who were not even that friendly toward him and they voted 12 to nothing to acquit him of every single charge.

So I know for absolute certain that this is a man who could never have done anything that would be harmful to anyone. He was very much a child himself. He was as kind and decent and spiritual a human being as I ever had the pleasure of spending any time with. I dedicated one of my books to him.

When you look at his enormous talent and the commitment that he had to ending the world hunger, for example, – he personally was responsible for cutting the number of people starving to death on this planet IN HALF back in the 1980s and the 1990s with “We are the World”. And he took no money for it at all.

When I spent the time out there at the ranch the whole thing was organized around children who were handicapped in one way – the theatre they had out there, the entire amusement part – all of it was set up so that children who were hospitalized and in beds and sick and on crutches and so on, could come there and experience the joy of what it meant to be a child.

This was a beautiful, beautiful human being – someone who would go down in history as one of the greatest entertainers EVER, but more than the great entertainer this was a great man who lived a very tortured life, particularly in the last several years of his life. I think being accused of those kinds of things when he and his heart were so pure……..

Interviewer: It must have taken a huge toll?

Dr. Dyer: I think it took a huge toll, a huge toll! I was telling my children last night, “Anybody can make an accusation such as that”. They could have made an accusation with my wife when I split up. And I’ve heard of people………..I’ve just talked to a friend of mine who is in practice as a physician and he had an affair and his wife got angry at him, and she went out and made accusation about him and their children in that light, none of it was ever true and it was all dropped, but ultimately it ended in his suicide.

So these kinds of accusations, these kind of things that people say – be very careful about that and knowing in your hearts, if you trust me, that my time with him and those five days with him back in 1991 solidified for me that this was a transcendent being who had not only enormous talent but a heart as big as the sky.

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In 1992 when the time came to write a dedication for my book Real Magic, I decided to recognize three special people—my dear daughter Saje, my spiritual brother Deepak Chopra, and my friend pop superstar Michael Jackson. I wanted to recognize Michael “whose words, music, and love remind us that it is only through giving that we are saving our own lives.” Michael Jackson had a special relationship with the principles of Real Magic, the idea of “creating miracles in everyday life.”  With his enormous musical talent, he created a body of work that brought joy to millions. My children and I spent five very happy days with him at Neverland in 1991. He wanted to talk to me about “real magic,” but the truth is, he already had the magic—the power he needed to dream and create and give. Michael was dedicated to ending world hunger and helped create the 1985 “We Are the World” celebrity sing-along that brought together some of the biggest names in popular music to raise funds for famine relief in Africa. I didn’t have to explain “real magic” to Michael because he was already a spiritual being, already kind, loving, and ready to use his musical gift to create miracles. Along with millions of people around the world, I say, thank you, Michael, for sharing your amazing talent to lift our spirits. I’ll remember you as a beautiful human being with a heart as big as the sky.




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