Maureen Orth

Mjjforum: Maureen Orth is a “journalist” who has always been out to get Michael, second only to Diane Demon. Sorry, typo, Diane Dimond. This is a woman who claimed Michael had 42 cows sacrificed in Africa so he could bathe in their blood and put a voodoo curse on Steven Spielberg. Yeah. And she did this with a straight face. Vanity Fair actually published that (as well as other shitfests she wrote, but I won’t get into those here). And now it has published her 10 “undeniable facts”. In a perfect world, every person would have looked at Orth’s “facts”, laughed at her and forgotten about it. But this isn’t a perfect world and there are people out there who bought her trash article hook, line and sinker, much like Leaving Neverland itself, for whatever reason.
Debunking Maureen Orth’s Trash “10 Undeniable Facts” Vanity Fair Article: