Martin Bashir


The document, that should be a fair look at Michael Jackson and his life, eventually stood at the beggining of Michael´s future allegation that hurt his heart and soul forever. MJ trusted jurnalist Martin Bashir and opened up his heart and home to him, but Martin Bashir abused this privilege and wasn´t fair with the final document, where his dishonesty was so evident. The first one below is Martin Bashir´s twisted and edited, the second one shows how unfair he behaved:


Living With Michael Jackson - Full Documentary



Michael Jackson ~ The Footage You Were Never Meant To See



After Michael´s death, Martin Bashir said that he never saw any wrongdoing:




After Michael´s death, Martin Bashir tried to reach Tom Mesereau:




Message from Michael Jackson´s fan Jenny Winnings:


We hadn’t seen the doc yet so we didn’t know what he was talking about. No social media back then so we had to wait until that night to watch. I couldn’t believe he was crying to us. It was surreal. He was really sad and mad that he was being accused again. It aired and everyone freaked out cuz he was holding hands with Gavin. Fast forward a month later and we were at NL with Gavin. Him and his bro and sis kept talking about how MJ saved Gavin’s life. How MJ helped buy their family a house and a car. Helped pay medical bills. We spent HOURS that night with them. Had a silly string fight with them in the house, we all went to the amusement park, the arcade (where Michael came in with us).... this was all after 2-3 hrs spent at Toys R Us with them. NO SIGNS OF ANYTHING CRAZY. When we were leaving the next day Gavin was at the gates begin us to stay. Fast forward to November 2003 when MJ was arrested. When I found out who the boy was... I was FURIOUS!! I KNEW he was lying. I was shocked because what was being said was NOTHING like what was happening. I’m glad I was there so I have this perspective but it was so sad to see him go thru this complete BS trial and have every personal detail aired out for the world to see all because the family wanted $. I will forever believe in his innocence after that.