Following the showing of the so called Documentary “Leaving Neverland” at the Sundance Film Festival, many of Michael Jackson’s friends and collaborators have speaking out publicly…

Here some of them. Original source:

I am saddened by the false attacks on my boss and dear friend Michael Jackson only when sadly he is not here to defend himself. As someone who was with Michael Jackson daily and having spent years traveling with him and spending countless hours in his company, I have absolutely no doubt that the recent stories from Wade Robeson and Jimmy Safechuck are completely false and totally fabricated especially given their own support of Michael through his life and for several years after. It’s truly upsetting what someone will do for fame and money and pure greed despite what Michael Jackson did for these two opportunists and their families for many years. At the end of the day truth always prevails and the world will see Robeson and Safechuck for what they are.
Michael Bush
Michael Jackson Stylist.

A few words about the movie at Sundance.
I decided to not even mention the movie by name, but I wanted to share a quick recap of a conversation I had with one of my daughters about the movie.
Clearly there is a minor buzz about the movie, and she asked my feelings about it. I gave it a few moments of thought, and said something along these lines:

I wasn’t with Michael 24/7.
I have never claimed to be his best friend.
I did, however, know him pretty well.

I also had very unique access to his personal space – meaning I have literally pulled speaker wires under his bed. I have moved boxes in his closets to install amplifiers. I have been in his apartments and hotels, setting up dance floors and playback systems. I have set up his personal lounges in studios – and maintained them. I have seen his books and magazines. I have seen his video collection. I have been places – private places – that very few people have been allowed to enter. This was part of my job.
The same can be said of many celebrities and non-celebrities I have worked with. There is a trust that goes along with working so closely with them, in the most private parts of their home.
You overhear conversations and comments. You learn how to make the client feel completely comfortable around you. They need people around them to provide services (in my case, building music and video systems) without the sense of being “watched”.
I have seen and heard things in OTHER homes that were – for lack of a better word – sad. But not in Michael’s.


Honestly, nothing.

When I started doing seminars about my work and friendship with Michael, more than one person mentioned the accusations – and “what if…”
My response was, and continues to be, if there was even a hint of concern that Michael somehow harmed a child, I would not offer my seminars.
Michael was a very unique person. I didn’t experience his childhood, but I did get a very close look at his adult life. I did have remarkably comfortable conversations with him. I have heard him make funny comments under this breath – but never hurtful, never tawdry. Never.

It isn’t my job to defend him, nor to get riled about a tasteless movie. But I can be one voice saying that over the course of my 18+ year association and friendship with Michael – being allowed into his more personal spaces, bedrooms, lounges, hotel rooms, cars, etc., there is simply nothing I have seen or heard to offer even a shadow of doubt in my mind. Nothing.

Was he perfect? No.
Did he make impeccable decisions every moment of the day? No.
Was there even the smallest of hints that he could harm a child? Absolutely not.
The movie will come and go, and along the way a few people will make some snarky comments on social media.

As for me, I will maintain that I am proud – very proud – to have worked so closely, in so many places, over such a long period of time, with someone I had so much respect for. I love sharing stories from the studio, tours and Neverland. I love meeting his fans, and re-uniting with old friends. I was blessed to have been a small part of his team – allowing so many opportunities along the way.

But mostly, I’m proud that we were friends.

Brad Sundburg
Studio Engeneer

As Larry Stessel, Harvey Leeds, and others have attested here on FB, in our business dealings with Michael, which many times included interaction with children, we never saw anything to suggest these allegations. We are all family men and our children are central to our being. I shot a full day of documentary with 13 Make-A-Wish children and about 100 members of their families at Neverland. I only wish that people could see that day and how Michael embraced those families. He was eccentric and grew up in hotel rooms, with brothers and crew, all living uniquely as music people do. It’s not a normal life. As the point person on his marketing at Epic from ’90 through ’96, I was hypersensitive to the allegations then, and watched for any sign of truth to them. I never saw one. I remain open to reality, but I find this film lurid and an attack on his Estate from bad actors.
Dan Beck
Ex-Sony Music Employee

All the people out here believing Wade and James are weak minding people, they need to learn the truth Michael Jackson is innocent and will always be these men are broke and need money so they’re going back on their word of Michael’s innocence just so they can get money.
Kelley Parker


Not only do we have to deal with these lies, but we’ve also got to deal with people perpetuating these lies. The fact that they fail to do the small amount of research it takes to prove these are lies, by choice or not, makes it even worse.

Brett Barnes

I was a boy in Michael Jackson’s life, and nothing of what he’s being accused of in this documentary happened!

I urge you to make it your undying responsibility to seek truth and acknowledge all sides in your consumption of how Michael is being depicted in this film. The capitalization of circumstance, divisive use of content and manipulation of media — all combined with rising false senses of entitlement — can quickly nullify a verdict and forever challenge truth to favor the other. This is the loophole with our digital ecosystem that actually determines one’s fate and this is the precise mechanism Leaving Neverland is using, especially when money is at stake. It will ultimately destroy his family, defame his legacy and eradicate his artistry. If you think this little loophole won’t take it that far, well, for starters: it’s already killed Michael Jackson.
Talun Zeitoun
Friend [Check the full statement here]

I worked for Michael Jackson for years..I used to be one of his best kept secrets..Thats what he called me..My favorite time was when he was in the the Middle East.I loved going there..He was so happy!.To heal from all the bullshit lies…Michael was around my son Nikko till he was older..My daughterr Sky would sing for him..a few times. He would give her great advice. HE NEVER DID NOTHING INAPPROPRIATE TO EITHER. .MY DAUGHTER GOT SICK HE PAID FOR HER SURGERY..Every year he threw Nikko a birthday party..Why Wade is lying like this Is horrible. MICHAEL WAS PROOVEN INNOCENCE…LET HIM RIP…
Carol LaMere
Michael Jackson Hair stylist

I spent 27 years with Michael, in his homes, traveling, in hotels all over the world, all times of the day and night…watched videos, I too fell asleep in his bed and never saw anything inappropriate. I saw greedy and dysfunctional parents taking advantage of Michael’s kindness.
Karen Faye
Make up artist

As Michael Jackson’s drummer of over 30 years and friend, here is my personal statement in light of the new documentary, “Leaving Neverland” and the allegations against him:

Like that old saying goes: “When at first you don’t succeed…try, try, and TRY again!!” Well, that is what seems to be the motto and the premise for these two guys who keep ON trying to get at Michael through his money. And continue to humiliate and embarrass him with all their own admittedly false accusations evidenced through their admissions they testified and verified of Michael’s innocence time and time again throughout the years since these allegations first came up and about!!! How can they keep being allowed to defame a person who was already cleared on ”14 SEPARATE charges” and accusations in a major public court trial appearance in front of the whole entire world? Why is it allowed again and again…when Michael was proved innocent already? With the same people revamping and reshuffling their decks to try a rehashed version of their same old allegations and accusations in a different light and point of view just to see if THAT WAY works?! Trying to baffle, befuddle, and fool all of the people and public who’ve already seen and heard all the testimonies on both sides (which proved Michael’s innocence in all charges against him!!). When even ONLY “ONE” of the charges could have put him behind bars for a very long time…Yet none did…none could…and none would! Yet even after all of that in that long drawn out trial…

Now, it should be criminal in what they are doing to him! In truly stalking his life, his memory, and legacy over and over and over again…doing this to him! He, who is supposed to be at peace now, at rest now…past and beyond the foils of all this malicious persecution of prosecution people keep throwing at him. Now even in his absence from this world and from Earth, when at rest in his grave, how can this still be allowed?! With the same old unproven evidence as before, only revamped!? How can the judicial system keep allowing for money-hungry seeking people like these to keep on using the system for their own selfish trumped up means? Where is the justice for the “PROVEN INNOCENT”? And why are these once former defenders of Michael and his innocence and integrity allowed to misuse the courts and the court system like this? Giving them a vile voice once again, and again, and again?! It’s a waste of time for the already crowded courts and court system. With bigger and important cases to try than to keep retrying the one these particular plaintiffs themselves already proved of Michael’s innocence! Stop the madness! For when even the FBI themselves after decades of investigation and files gathering on him, unbeknownst by him, came to the conclusion that he was INNOCENT of anything of the likes he’d been accused of!!

I LOVE all my “Brothers J” and the Jackson Family! Especially Mother, who to me is like MY Mother in my heart! To keep putting her through all this is just cruel and heartless! So please leave my “brother” in heart, spirit, and soul, Michael Jackson, alone! He has escaped this world of trials, tribulations, torment and persecution. PLEASE LET HIM REST IN HOLY PEACE……
Jonathan Moffett

The moral compass of this world has drastically changed. Corrupt, indecent, mean spirited, immoral, lying, deceitful con artists, prosper regardless of the impact their lying schemes have on compassionate, loving, kind, generous individuals like Michael Jackson.

The recent despicable, disgusting allegations made, are very disturbing and so unbelievable based on the man I knew and lived with for years.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said ” In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Because Michael Jackson was my friend, I can no longer remain silent while inconsiderate, selfish, lying opportunists, take advantage of, vilify, slander, and verbally assault my friend, who I never observed do anything but display acts of kindness, tremendous generosity, compassion and love to others during one of the darkest times of his life.

Two of these opportunists have the unmitigated gall to claim their memory serves them better after the birth of their children.

Those who know me, know that children hold a special place in my heart and held a special place in Michael’s heart.

How dare you three opportunists totally recant the previous testimony of your personal experiences with Michael Jackson for monetary gain. How sickening and selfish.

Did you three ungrateful con artists ever once consider how your venomous lies could open wounds and impact Michael’s three young children, his elderly mother, his siblings, and a host of relatives, who I’m certain are still experiencing some form of grief?

One of the responsibilities of a father is to protect his entire family.

As fathers, you guys have a lot of growing up to do, especially regarding the seed you are sowing.

One commonality in all religions is you will reap what you sow. I can only hope someone in your lives is praying for you and your family.

Was the monetary gain you acquired for your lies worth more than your personal peace?

Nothing is greater than love and peace of mind. What’s so sad is the recollection of your memories failed to remember the love and peace Michael Jackson gave to you and your families.

On a personal note, if either one of you desire to discuss this matter in person, name the place, I’ll come to you.

Kerry Anderson
Michael Jackson Bodyguard

When we did the Michael Jackson Opus we did a chapter on Wade Robson who bragged about his 20 year relationship with his Mentor Michael. I don’t believe his being in that trashy movie. Our book examined every aspect of Michael’s life don’t believe Wade

Jeff Wald
Worked on Michael Jackson Opus

Hey, everyone!
I hope you’re having a good weekend.

Recently I have received messages in my profile asking me to say some words about a “Documentary” – whose name I will not say because it is a nonsense content – but it was exhibited at a Festival…

I have only one thing to say: if those people had any dignity, they would never say such stupid things.

My friend Michael Jackson is TOTTALY INNOCENT.
He always was

Lavelle Smith Jr.
Michael Jackson Dancer & Choreographer

Over our 15 year friendship, neither I or my family ever witnessed Michael Jackson conduct himself inappropriately with a minor, or anyone for that matter. & during the time I worked with Mr. Robson as a child, he never once mentioned any wrong doing…

Bryton James

Nathan Cavaleri

Since when has a bit of respect and humility become so hard to come by? What happened to decency? To speak ill of a great man in the wake of his death, to do so is a most repugnant act. It brings shame upon all of us. Glass houses everywhere.

I’m talking about a close friend of my family, a great man who is a hero to many. He was also my friend personally so could you please take your ‘energy’ elsewhere? No one is sainting a monster, we are celebrating a genius’ life. We loved him. Millions loved him.

Sean Lennon

I don’t usually pay attention to allegations anymore. You know how long this stuff has been going on? Decades!! Fabrication of lies with one real intent $$$. RIH MJJ

Let’s be 100% clear here I was never a victim. My big Bro Michael has been nothing but kind and a role model to me and my family. I suggest you pick a subject you really know because obviously you don’t know Michael and you don’t know me. Spread peace not false rumours. Peace & Love

Emmanuel Lewis

I am repulsed by the amount of people jumping on the bandwagon to nail Michael Jackson to the cross. I spent close to 17 years with MJ, through many projects and much intimate time on and off the sets. I never saw a hint of anything evil or even an inkling of this kind of perversion directed toward any child…or anyone to be perfectly clear. I find it horrifying to raise all of this now that he is gone. If one of the accusers was motivated to “tell all” because of his own relationship with his son, why the need to put this in front of the world? Would it not have been better for the son to have dealt with all of this in an intimate family environment. His son will now be dealing with this for a very long time.Sorry…for me #MJINNOCENT

Vincent Paterson

Some People are very DANGEROUS! Some people just WANNA BE STARTING SOMETHING! They need to just LEAVE HIM ALONE! They mad because he’s UNBREAKABLE! and #INNOCENT it’s sad we live in a world where people come after those who aren’t alive to even defend themselves, HIMAN NATURE! But I know MJ was and still is #INNOCENT

Rodney Jerkins

Wade Robson… you should be ashamed of yourself!!! You and your family befriended the biggest star in the world. I personally recall your mom Joy calling MJJ Music with a sob story about needing money knowing that Michael Jackson loved her and your entire family and would do anything to help her. Michael especially loved you like a son because you dreamed of being a dancer as your mother took you around Australia impersonating who…. Michael Jackson.

Your family moved to the United States leaving your father behind and Michael gave you a record deal as part of a rap duo named QUO! It FAILED!!!

Michael Set you up with his niece Brandi and you guys were together for several years… until you CHEATED with other woman several Times…. she left you!

You still remained in the Jackson Circle…. Why? Because it opened doors for you being associated with Michael Jackson and his family.

That association with Michael Jackson afforded you the opportunity to befriend such artist as Justin Timberlake and Brittany spears… and what did you do…You started working with Justin as a Choreographer and then slept with his girlfriend Brittany Spears and was FIRED. Justin then wrote a song about it called “Cry Me A River”. And yet you called Justin your FRIEND!!!

You used your association with Michael Jackson to befriend PRINCE and Mayte…. and what did you do…. You slept with HER!!! Some friend you are!!

You use your association with Michael Jackson to get yourself a gig on a television dance show…. word gets out about your previous disregard and loyalty toward high profile celebrities… and what happens…. you get CUT from that show.

SUDDENLY there’s a Michael Jackson VEGAS SHOW in the works and you BEG to be the choreographer for the show…. another Choreographer is chosen…. what do you do now that your web of lies are catching up with you and you are now Hollywood damaged goods…. You turn on the one man who looked out for you and your family your ENTIRE life and make up child abuse/molestation allegations that you have emphatically stated for many many years….NEVER HAPPENED!!

Fast forward to today… Michael Jackson is sadly NO LONGER with us. You now beg Michaels Nephew Taj Jackson for VIP access to Michael Jacksons funeral for YOU and your entire family. yet you claim this monster molested you…Sick.

You are now considered a home wrecking, disloyal individual and is essentially blackballed from Hollywood. What do you do? Because You know the world knows you are associated with Michael Jackson…. you use that association once again to change your LIFE LONG STORY to now claim… Michael Jackson molested you. Why? because you are BROKE and your wife is demanding you start making money or she will leave you.

You now convince another broke kid from Michaels past (Pepsi commercial) to join you in a frivolous lawsuit against Michael Jacksons Estate for 100’s of Millions of dollars. The courts agree that there is no merit to this lawsuit and dismiss it!!

The Jackson family never fight back when people say disparaging things about their family. Mrs. Jackson once told me when i questioned her about this… she replied “because DIRT sinks and CREAM rises”

Wade knows this to be true as well…. so what does he do? He and James Safechuck concoct a story so salacious, so scandalous so despicable, and presents it to HBO for a one sided EXPLOSIVE televised documentary of LIES… in hopes that the Michael Jackson BILLION DOLLAR ESTATE will settle with you financially to make this documentary go away.

Well that documentary of LIES will air this weekend…. and unlike the Jackson’s past… this new generations of Jackson kids are not having it!! they are suing HBO for airing your lying ass!!

I hope when this is all said and done, the estate counter sues YOU in civil court and WIN! I hope it renders you penniless for the rest of your life. Michael Jackson was good to YOU, your mother Joy and your sister Chantel…. and because your gravy train has run out… THIS is how you repay him. You are a sad excuse for a human being!!!

Sorry for this long post… but knowing what i know I just couldn’t be silent.

For any of you who thought Michael Jackson was strange… I get it… because there is no one else on earth to compare him to. Yes, there are other child stars who grew up to “blend in” to society…and i get it… But when you are Michael Jackson and the only thing on earth that is more recognizable than you is the yellow “M” at McDonalds….. that in itself is “Strange!”

Anyways…. i say… boycott the documentary… and if you MUST WATCH… know that you now know the basis of the scandalous lies contained within the documentary!

Let that man rest in PEACE!!!

Clyde Jenkins
Former MJJ Music Exec.

If Michael harmed Wade Robson and James Safechuck, they have my deepest sympathy and compassion, I don’t claim to know what happened between Michael and his accusers. I wasn’t there.
However, because Michael is no longer here to defend himself, and because I have a unique view of him and the life he lived, I feel compelled to speak out against what I firmly believe to be false claims. The person that Wade and James describe is not the person that I knew.
He was trusting to the point of extreme naivete; always assuming the best intentions in everyone.
While he was far from perfect, in my over twelve years of living with Michael, knowing him and his lifestyle intimately, I never saw or experienced anything that led me to suspect that he was capable of child sexual abuse.
I was at Neverland when many of the family friends would come and go, At any given time, anywhere between 60 to 100 employees worked in security, maintenance, housekeeping, grounds, the kitchen, and many other roles. Maintaining the ranch in such immaculate shape took an entire army of workers that were always around.
I know Wade Robson and his family well, I first met Joy Robson back in the early 90s, when I was at MJJ Productions. In late 1994, I attended the release party of Wade’s first album in California. I distinctly recall Joy running that event as though her life depended on it. After that release party, I didn’t see the Robsons again until early 1997, when Wade joined several other families at Neverland after Prince was born.
Over the years, I got to know the Robsons well as they visited the ranch on many different occasions, Neverland was an enchanting place where the butlers, cooks, maids, zookeepers, gardeners and other staff made every guest feel like royalty, and everyone person who was fortunate to visit loved it!
The one thing that was consistent about the Robsons over the years was Joy’s steely resolve to turn Wade into a star, When all the other kids, often including Michael, were off having water balloon fights or watching a movie in the theater, Joy would be drilling Wade on a dance move and every so often wave Michael over for some tips.
On one such occasion, Michael sat next to me as I was watching Prince and we watched Wade practice under Joy’s focused inspection. He said to me, “she reminds me of Joseph,” referring to his father’s obsession with perfection. Unbeknownst to Joy, that was her nickname. Michael had a nickname for everyone. This was the only time I ever heard him compare anyone to his father. Also, despite his complicated past with Joseph, he meant this observation as a compliment.
The Robsons’ ambition and self-interest knew no bounds, Several months before Michael was acquitted on all charges on June 13, 2005, he came home from court and informed me that I should expect a call from Wade. When Wade called the ranch, security patched the call through to Paris’s room where Michael and I spent most of our time preparing for the next day.
I put him on speaker phone, He informed me that Michael had advised him to contact me about whether he and his finance, Amanda, could have their wedding at Neverland in the fall. I was utterly shocked by how insensitive the request was; Michael was sitting next to me.
“’You know Grace, Neverland is so special to my family and me,’ Wade continued, Michael has been like a father to me, and it would mean the world to us if Amanda and I could get married at Neverland.’ I told Wade, this is not a good time, reminding him that Michael was in the middle of the fight for his life.”
A few days later, I was in Santa Barbara running errands when Joy called with the same request. I had previously helped Wade gain permission to film a music video at Neverland, which was a big favor considering the strict no cameras policy. I remember responding with a stern ‘do you seriously expect me to ask Michael, right now — during the trial — if you can use the ranch for Wade’s wedding?’
After a moment of awkward tension, she conceded and dropped off the phone,
Why would someone who alleges to have been assaulted for over seven years want to have one of the most sacred events in his life on the same property where the attacks allegedly took place?’
What I can’t understand is why Wade would continue to voluntarily and consistently return, and bring friends and loved ones, to a place that is the site of the alleged attacks well into his adult life?
For twelve years, from 1997 to 2009, I was part of Michael’s family … I spent more time with Michael in the last twelve years of his life than anyone except his children.

Grace Rwaramba
Former MJJ Productions employee

Hi, we are Franziska, Anton, Marlies and Wolfgang – brother and sister and our parents. We were close friends with Michael Jackson from childhood on. What we are about to say comes out of a place of great love and appreciation. If you would like to quote this text, please do not take it out of context and always link back to this page. We won‘t be giving any interviews to the press. Thank you for understanding. This is all we have to say:

In 1995 we first met Michael at a German TV Show. That day, something that we could never have imagined in our wildest dreams happened. It was the start of a unique friendship. A friendship so normal yet so unusual and magical. One that would last until the very last day of Michael‘s life and will continue forever in our hearts.

From the beginning we knew that what we were privileged to experience, was a treasure worth protecting. Especially regarding the world we live in, with media that wants to make up stories that sell, rather than seeking the truth and people who want to read shocking headlines rather than knowing the truth. Over the years we were offered over a quarter million of Euros for interviews, but no money in the world could ever materialize a value that would stand above the value of our memories with Michael. This is the reason why we have never spoken a word publicly about our friendship. 

Something has changed our mind about speaking up lately. The utter shocking news of a new documentary that would portray Michael once again as a child molester. Even writing this sentence, putting his name and that word together, makes us feel sick to our stomach. Michael never behaved inappropriately towards us and we neither witnessed nor suspected him doing it to someone else ever. 

We have been angry with the public treatment of Michael many times in the past, but we chose to stay silent – hoping the truth to run marathons and protecting Michael and his privacy.

And we had good reason to be angry, for example when Anton was falsely portrayed in a German tabloid as having a homosexual affair with Michael. We witnessed first hand how ugly the media can be and how they make up most terrible lies just to have a story. When our father denied to talk to an inquiring journalist on the phone, the story read something like “Father refuses to defend Michael”. Unfortunately scandals sell much better than anything else.

Spending a lot of time with Michael, we experienced two-faced people more than once. When Michael was in the room, they acted most charming with seemingly good intentions, but once he turned his cheek they would become rude and you could sense that their intentions were not that good after all. In front of us, they didn‘t care showing their real face. We were only the shy German family in the background, not worth paying attention to. But we were observing and slowly but surely we started to get a glance at the often difficult world Michael was living in. It was a world in which it was so very difficult to trust. 

And yet Michael was kind to everybody he would meet and believed in the good so strongly. Some would call it naiv, to us it was just one of his character traits that made us look up to him. Giving everybody a chance, even if you’ve been fooled by people over and over, really is remarkable. And it makes us even more sad to know, that many took and still take advantage of this. 

Being around Michael made us realize that everybody wanted a piece of him. We often wondered why, from all people, he would let us into his circle of trusted friends. Now we understand it was maybe the fact that we didn’t want anything from him and simply enjoyed being together. When he offered to pay for our education, our parents denied because it was too much of a gift. It was a no brainer for us then, but looking back on it now, it was probably something that Michael didn’t experience often. 

Those who wanted a piece of his fame or his money did not care about Michael as a person or about his kind heart and uplifting spirit. It is truly a shame and we almost feel bad for those people in a way, because blinded by money, they probably didn’t realize that they just had the honor to meet a person that has a uniqueness about him that the world would only witness every other century. His music, his message, his creative and genius mind was truly one of a kind. 

While our friendship with Michael was very normal in a sense that we hung out, chatted on the phone, went to the movies just like friends do, it was also magical in the sense that Michael had a warmth about him that was captivating. You would immediately feel comfortable and safe around him. He was one of the most humble persons we’ve ever met, always putting the well being of others over his own. There was never a single moment of doubt of his pure heart and intentions, which also led our parents to allow us to travel alone with Michael. 

Though we‘re speaking up today, we still want to protect and respect our personal stories. What we can say though, is that each and every time we had to say good bye to Michael, we all cried because we knew how much we would miss him. The times we spent together were the most fun. And while Michael was always up for a good water balloon fight, he was also a great mentor, teaching us about life and sharing his incredible knowledge. We can remember how excited he was to tell us about the Wright brothers when he learnt that we had never heard of them. He gave us books and movies of stories we could learn from and he was eager for us to develop our talents.

We understand that our story can only put a small piece of the puzzle together for those who are still in doubt of what to believe about Michael Jackson. To those who still doubt that he was innocent, we can only plea to simply do your own research. And if the fact that Michael had to endure every possible raid of privacy in his trial in 2005 and still was found NOT GUILTY on ALL CHARGES, if this fact is still not enough for you, then maybe you can simply listen to his music. 

Meeting many of his fans over the years, we were astounded how much they “got him“ as a person, even though they never personally met him. Michael and his fans had a unique friendship of their own. He trusted them and it is no wonder why they continue to trust in his good heart. They simply listened to his music and to his words. If you listen closely you‘d know all of his stories and you‘d know what kind of person he was. You would know that his mission for his time on earth was not only to bring happiness in form of melodies and rhythm but also to change the world to the better. 

Boy, how he could inspire us to be our best selves and to show more love and respect to each other! Yet people choose to blow up lies that threaten to overshadow all of the greatness this man has brought. 

Enough is enough. 

Today we speak up for Michael because he deserves better and because he was the best friend we could have ever imagined. 

Anton and Franziska and our parents Marlies and Wolfgang
Friends of Michael Jackson

I spent a lot of alone time with MJ and participated in many of the activities the documentary spins as proof of abuse. I’ve had serious discussions with my siblings and none of us recall being abused by MJ or feeling unsafe or seeing anything of that nature.

Mark Lester
Friend of Michael Jackson