How To Be Successful & Why To Study Constantly



"Believe in yourself. Study the greats. And become greater."


"Work like there’s no tomorrow. Train. Strive. Really train and cultivate your talent to the highest degree."



"You can always dream, and your dreams can come true. But you have to make them come true."

Michael Jackson
"If someone ever tells you that you can't, all you have to do really is remove the T at the end because you CAN."


"No matter who’s around you that is being negative or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off."



"Don't be afraid to know who you are. You are much more than you ever imagined."



 "The deeper I go into myself, the stronger I become, because I realize that my real self is much bigger than any fear ."


"I know who I am inside and outside, and I know what I want to do. And I will always go with my dreams."



"I have confidence in my abilities. I have real perseverance. Nothing can stop me when I put my mind to it." 



“I'm never pleased with anything, I'm a perfectionist, it's part of who I am”.

"I have always be kinda determined. I have always have a vision of things I have wanted to do and goals I have wanted to reach and nothing could stop me getting that. I am focused and I know what I want and what I want to achieve and I won´t get side-tracked. And even though I get down sometimes, I keep running the race of endurance to achieve those goals. It keeps me on track. I am dedicated."

Michael Jackson



“I’m interested in making a path instead of following a trail, and that’s what I want to do in life – in everything I do.” 

 Michael Jackson



"We can program ourselves to be the person we want to be, whatever the subject matter is, live in it by a mental physical program- a system of learning and doing. Studying all the greats in that field and becoming greater." 



“I believe we are powerful, but we don't use our minds to full capacity. Your mind is powerful enough to help you attain whatever you want."
Michael Jackson






"I have learned that it is what you put in your mind mentally what you think and do, that makes your person. And you can put any mental object in this mind and it will bring it to reality. So this means we can program ourselves to be the people we want to be, Whatever the subject matter is, live in it By a mental physical program or system of learning and doing. Studying all the greats in that field and becoming greater. My program will consist of, = "













"I believe in wishes and in a person´s ability to make a wish come true. And a wish is more than a wish... it is a goal that your subconsiousness can help make reality."


"Whenever I saw sunset, I would quietly made my secret wish right before the sun tucket under the western horizon and disappereared. It would seem as if the sun had taken my wish with it. I´d make it right before that fast speck of light vanished."


"I´d stretch my arms out as if I were sending my thoughts right up into space. I´d made my wish, then I´d dive into water. I´d say to myself, ´This is my dream. This is my wish,´ everytime I´d dive into the water."

Michael Jackson



"No matter what, the most powerful thing in the world is the human mind and prayer, and belief in your self and confidence and perseverance. No matter how many times you do it, you do it again until it's right. And always believe in your self. And not matter who's around you that's being negative or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off. Because whatever you believe, you become. (...) and after all that, the most important -- most important: Stay humble. The humbleness that a child, like a new born baby has. Even though you become powerful or have power with people, with your talent .. like with what Michelangelo did with sculpting, you know, underneath all that be as humble as a child, as a baby, and be as kind and as giving and loving. They don't become puffed up with pride."

Michael Jackson, online audio chat, October 26th 2001



“In the end, the most important thing is to be true to yourself and those you love and work hard. Work like there's no tomorrow. Train. Strive. Really train and cultivate your talent to the highest degree. Be the best at what you do. Get to know more about your field than anybody alive. Use the tools of your trade, if it's books or a floor to dance on or a body of water to swim in. Whatever it is, it's yours. That's what I've always tried to remember ”



"Even if you're sweeping floors or painting ceilings, do it better than anybody in the world, no matter what it is that you do. Be the best at it, and have a respect for others, and be proud of yourself…and to honor, be honorable.”



“Our parents taught us to always be respectful and, no matter what you do, to give it everything you have. Be the best, not the second best.”
“No matter what, no star is too far to reach and you never give up."



"The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work."
"I love experienced people. I love people who are phenomenally talented. I love people who’ve worked so hard and been so courageous and are the leaders in their fields. For me to meet somebody like that and learn from them and share words with them—to me that’s magic. To work together. I’m crazy about Steven Spielberg. Another inspiration for me, and I don’t know where it came from, is children. If I’m down, I’ll take a book with children’s pictures and look at it and it will just lift me up. Being around children is magic..."
Michael Jackson

Question: "What achievements in your life are you the most proud of?"

Michael Jackson: "One of my biggest dreams since I was really, really little... I think around 7 years old, I use to always buy the Guinness World Book of Records. [Giggles] You know what the answer's gonna be right? I said, "Hmmm, I love to dance and sing. Hopefully one day I can be in this book." And I believed that it was possible. So when Thriller became the biggest selling album of all time, and it was enlisted in the Guinness Book Of World Records, and, uh, there's so many other lists... You know, they've enlisted me in there like 7 different times now.* It was my happiest time of my life. I was so happy.

Question: "To what do you attribute that level of ambition and possibility you felt when you were a kid. You know, I think it's sometimes hard for people to feel... You know, you weren't, obviously, rich as a kid or from some kind of fancy background, but still somehow you were able to envision a life of success. What do you attribute that to?"

Michael Jackson: "I attribute that to my parents who always taught us to persevere and believe in yourself, have confidence, no matter what you do. Even if you're sweeping floors or painting ceilings, do it better than anybody in the world, no matter what it is that you do. Be the best at it, and have a respect for others, and be proud of yourself.. and to honor; be honorable, you know.

Online audion chat, October 26, 2001



Michael Jackson´s letter to himself:

Note to himself, which states his job, current income and his desired income in 45 days:

"To MJ - June 94

Present Job Title: is songwriter, entertainer, recording artist, actor, dancer, director
Present Weekly Income: A million a week
Job Title 45 weeks from now: Same...........
Weekly Income 45 weeks from now: 15 million a week



Another positive affirmation to himself:


"One of the things he always told me was, don't be afraid to be different. In other words, when you have that desire, that drive, people are going to try to pull you away from that, and pull you closer to the pack to be 'normal.' And he was saying, It's O.K. to be that driven; it's O.K. to be obsessed with what you want to do. That's perfectly fine. Don't be afraid to not deviate from that. One of the books that he gave me that helped him communicate with me was "Jonathan Livingston Seagull," which was about that.

Beyond the genius of what he was, he was just a genuinely, genuinely nice person. He got me hooked on movies that I would normally never watch. Fred Astaire movies. All the old classics. I would never, never watch those. I remember my fiancée and I telling him we were getting married, and him just being really excited and actually just offering up the ranch to have our wedding there, because privacy was going to be an issue. We wanted to get married in a church, so that's what we wound up doing. But he made the offer. He was just a genuinely nice person who was exceptionally bright, exceptionally bright, and driven and talented. You mix those things together, man, you have Michael Jackson

Kobe Bryant on Michael Jackson in a special commemorative edition of TIME




Dream: Greatest Actor, Singer, Dancer of all time and Entertainer, The Best.





Study the great of your field and become Greater.

Know the secrets of your endeavor "The Method"

Mind Target: Control and Influence the subconscious

Best in your field

Be Scientist know. The Great's Method
Try out and then perfect it.

Move Mountains

True Training: A never ending persistence to equal or exceed the performance in your minds eye

Michael Jackson wrote this in the early 80's in his home in Encino California. This really defines how Michael wanted to become the greatest by not only working so hard but also conditioning his mind. First thing that comes to my mind after seeing this is I want to share this amazing writing to everyone especially to young MJ Lovers out there that like Michael, every dream is possible as long as you are willing to put your heart and soul into it. Passionate Michael became THE GREATEST because of he is willing to work so hard (no short cut), to sacrifice and also condition his mind. He fights for his dream. No wonder, everyone looks up to Michael and wanted to be like him. Michael will continue to inspire... It's up to us now how we will fight for our dream like Mike. Or it can never be done :)



Keep The Faith with Lyrics


"I want to continue to grow. To me, the biggest sin of all sins, is to be given a gift, a talent, because it's actually a gift from God, to take that and not cultivate it and make it grow, that's the biggest sin in the world."

Michael Jackson, Ebony Magazine, October 1981



Wesley Snipes said that he once spent three hours speaking with Michael “about metaphysics, psychology, ‘how the black man is treated.´ “People don’t know about Mike on the real, Mike had a consciousness that could blow your mind and he could recite things that could blow your mind as well.”

Wesley Snipes



"An education opens a person's minds to the entire world. And there is nothing ...more important than to make sure everyone has the opportunity for an education. To want to learn, to have the capacity to learn and not be able is a tragedy." 

 Michael Jackson, United Negro College Fund Speech, March 10th 1988


“I love to read. I wish I could advise more people to read. There’s a whole new world in books. If you can’t afford to travel, you travel mentally through reading. You can see anything and go any place you want to in reading.”

Michael Jackson




"I remember those times he would read books out loud for me. He would always make sure I understood everything.. and the way he read it out loud and emphasized certain parts made it so much more interesting. Magic."

Omer Bhatti, Michael´s friend, shared this memory from his childhood on tumblr



"There is so much around us that we should be thankful for."

Michael Jackson


"I don't relax really. I don't sleep a lot… My mind never stops."

Michael Jackson