Prescription drugs


Deepak Chopra, Michael´s spiritual advisor talks about Michael and prescription drugs:


Host: Jackson's use of prescription drugs began in 1993, nine years after the Pepsi commercial.

Karen Faye: Just before he went on tour for Dangerous, he had an operation in order to help the scarring. But he didn't have enough time to heal. We were getting on a plane in order to get to Bangkok. So in order to keep going, he started using some painkillers because it was very painful when the nerve endings are severed.
Host: Jackson's world exploded police sources say the charges involve a 13 year old boy omits reports that California authorities were investigating him for sexually abusing a 13 year old boy 

Karen Faye: So now we're talking a physical pain and now we're talking emotional pain.

Michael Bush: The day that that came out, he was stepping onstage in front of like 80,000 people.

Host: Jackson went through with the performance but the price was high.

Karen Faye: It was devastating because he had to go out every day in front of a world and the media, who was telling everybody that he was a pedophile, but he still went out and had to face everybody. (Painkillers) It gave him some sort of ability to get through it.

Host: But even then Jackson couldn't sleep, say Bush and Faye. And the combined toll of the allegations and touring was showing at least backstage.

Karen Faye: You have to understand his adrenaline was so intense, sometimes it would taken two days (M. Bush: to go to sleep.) for his adrenaline just to come down from one show.