Date: 10/08/2021

By: Mohsen

Subject: We are the world.

Hi Kiwi.
Thank you for your work in here. I just read the story of the girl who played the role on Moonwalker. just wanted to know where they are right now.
I found him when I played his game called "moonwalk" but I learned about him and his music just a year before he passed away. I was enjoying his music and trying to moonwalk on our small yard, which wasn't successful! even in my country Iran, many people knew who he was and how he helped people.
fast forward to this day, I had just watched some behind the scenes of him and his work on Thriller and Bad Album. looking for something which I don't know. some inspiration, motivation maybe, or even Reason and Purpose. he helped me, like some good people who I put in the "good category", he really did help us. I heard but just recently understand his "man in the mirror". love to see these kind of people who live like a bird who flies without restrictions, without fear of losing something. you quoted some phrase from Mother Teresa, this is the kind of Life I always wanted to live. It's still difficult for me to decide which route should I choose. I know the answer, It's just difficult for me, right now.
Heard your story, hope you live long and healthy. I'll pray for you. thank you for this little warm place you created for us. I don't have anything more to add, just to wish you the best.

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