Date: 04/06/2019

By: Annette

Subject: Michael +


I found your site. I not much study it, cuz i read just little by the part about faith.
So i am really like Michael Jackson. But its disturbs me, that i find every time other stuffs about him. So i must to asking you, maybe you can answer me in facts. Why he use the symbolism of one eye by photo shooting? I mean redacted hes one eye in the camera. And second what i dont undersand, what was the reason, motive to make In the closet Acapella version?
You know about this backround causes?
I asked the question to others, but they couldn't answer.
I know, God know his heart, but this strange things are very embarassing in his life, if he was a believer.

Looking forward to your reply! And I wish you all the best!


Annette Andrész-Li

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