Accusations And Trial

Michael Jackson was not guilty of any wrongdoing, he´s always been innocent. There are clear and demonstrable facts. 


The question remains, why some media still tries to question this, ignore all wide evidence, and some people still want to believe him to be guilty.

- All the accusations turned out to be lies.
- The 2003 raid on MJ´s Neverland home, that turned everything there upside down, did not find anything for what he could be punished.
- The five-months long court proceedings in 2005 found him not guilty on all counts.
- 366 pages released by the FBI after a 10-year investigation into Michael Jackson. CLEARING him of any wrongdoing. Two-thirds of those pages show Michael Jackson as the victim of "extortion" and "threats. FBI - vault:


The Truth About The Allegations:



1993 accusation

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Michael Jackson explaining why he payed Jordan Chandler:



2003 accusation and 2005 trial


All facts, deep research and analysis of the cases are here (a must read!):
Trial day by day:
Luka Neskovic...How the Media Shattered the Man in the Mirror:
Thomas A. Mesereau Jr., who was lead trial counsel in the trial of Michael Jackson in 2005, speaks about his experience:

“The Michael Jackson trial was unique. More accredited media covered these proceedings than the O.J. Simpson and Scott Peterson trials combined. When the verdicts were reached, people in every capital around the world were riveted to their radios, computers and televisions. The "King of Pop" was more popular than anyone, including Elvis Presley.

Jay Leno, Chris Tucker, Macaulay Culkin, George Lo...pez and lesser-known celebrities testified. Larry King testified outside the presence of the jury. The trial lasted five months with more than 140 witnesses appearing. Twenty-four-hour coverage, including actors re-enacting the proceedings, emphasized the trial's popularity.



2019 documentary Leaving Neverland

Leaving Neverland Facts:
It´s not a documentary but a work of fiction:

Michael Jackson a Wade Robson: Real Story




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